The Blom & Blom Blog - Welcome to our adventure!

The Blom & Blom Blog - Welcome to our adventure!

We’re Kamiel and Martijn Blom, two brothers who share a fascination for industrial artifacts and the amazing journey it’s taken us on. Our specialty is crafting extraordinary lighting fixtures that transform interiors and tell their story.

We love history and collect the stories of the abandoned factories we’ve explored and the artifacts we’ve discovered. 

We’re obsessed with the materials. From their history and structural properties to their look and feel, and how they inspire our imagination. 

We think design - the look of a fixture and what it says - the statement it makes - and how it moves within a particular space.

And perhaps most of all, what we do is about people and how lighting translates into how we experience the spaces where we work and live. We take lighting personally. Loving what we do, we would like to share it with you: welcome to our world.

Kamiel & Martijn Blom

The World of Blom & Blom... and Beyond  

The Blom & Blom blog shares our unique vision on lighting and everything we’ve discovered along the way. We have so much to tell and share about so many things. We invite you to step inside the world of Blom & Blom... and beyond. Explore the magic of what we do, how we do it, and - most importantly - what it can mean for you.

Our blog also offers the latest Blom & Blom news about what’s happening on our end.

We’ll provide advice on almost anything to do with lighting - from choosing the right bulb for you to how to hang your dining room light. 

We’ll tell you about the history of our products, the stories behind them and the locations they originate from. Besides that, we’ll share interviews with the people who inspire us, from artists to interior designers to clients.

And beyond... Stay tuned!

Before and after photo of the Black Penguin

Let Us Know!

We hope you enjoy following our blog and welcome your feedback. We’d love to hear from you... and welcome any comments, questions or ideas you might have. Or, any stories that you might want to share. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by, and welcome to our adventure!

Kamiel, Martijn & the Blom & Blom team