Goodbye Amsterdam Noord & Hello Amsterdam West!

Goodbye Amsterdam Noord & Hello Amsterdam West!

Amsterdam-Noord (Amsterdam-North) has been our home for almost 7 years, and we’ve decided it’s time for a change! Blom & Blom is growing, and that means a bigger space to keep doing what we do best - bringing you our exciting selection of lighting options - from our carefully chosen and restored industrial authentics to our own unique creations featured in our Editions collection.

We’ve found just the right spot in Amsterdam West! As it turns out, we’ll be sharing a workshop with our friends and longtime associates from VANOUDS - known for the stunning epoxy-glossed tables they design and create from wood in a way that’s simply breathtaking. We’re really excited to be working in the same space, combining our energy and creativity, inspiring each other and sharing our continuing adventures.

Our new location will be home to both VANOUDS and our new workshop. At the moment we are working hard to rebuild our part of the workshop into the perfect place where we have everything we need on hand.

The spacious showroom area will present Blom & Blom lighting fixtures alongside Vanouds creations for a 360 experience of interior design in action. More on that, coming up!

As of October 2020, you can find us at our new location in Amsterdam West at Tijnmuiden 9

Stay tuned!

Kamiel & Martijn Blom