Viva La Volta - Office Dogs Make the Best Employees

Viva La Volta - Office Dogs Make the Best Employees

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Volta, our one and only four-legged employee at Blom & Blom. Volta joined our team in June 2013 when she was just 9 weeks old.

Volta when she was young in one of her crazy sleeping positions.

She still has those sweet puppy eyes.

That was six years ago, and Volta has since grown into the most loved and adorable member of the Blom & Blom family, still commuting by bike everyday to our store with Kamiel, her ‘boss’ - as we say in Dutch. Volta is a natural when it comes to eagerly fulfilling her role as our proud mascot and... ‘de facto’ HR manager by bringing out the best in all of us. 

Volta posing as our mascot of the company for a photoshoot.

Volta expertly maneuvering the stairs in our store

Volta is a Vizsla, which is a dog breed from Hungary. She is a born hunter and naturally ‘nosey’ with her excellent sense of smell. Energetic, sensitive and caring, Volta has proven to be the perfect office mate, inspiring all of us with just a look or the wag of her tail. Did you know that having an office dog has been shown to lower stress levels and boost productivity in the workplace?

Our dogs keep us human in the best sense of the word, and that makes it easier to put things in perspective. And, taking care of the dog you love helps you take care of yourself. Taking that break to walk the dog means you have the chance to get away from the computer screen or workbench, and reconnect with yourself. Our canine friends ‘take us into the moment’. Here in our work space, Volta often reminds us that it's time to get out and about, or just get up and dance!

Besides all that, Volta makes us laugh when we least expect it. Like when she’s lying on her bed and giving us ‘that look’. Or, when we hide treats for her in our workshop and Volta goes into full-tilt hunt mode, finding each and every one of the treats we’ve hidden. Or when she is acting human and sitting straight up.

Funny photoshoot with Volta.

She is 'editing the social media' of Blom and Blom.

Four legged office mates have another added skill - they are a great ice-breaker. When clients come into our store, Volta is always there to greet them and then hang around for some extra attention, of course. And, when there are clients or visitors who are simply not comfortable with dogs, then Volta hangs out in our workshop - one of her favourite spots.

Volta on the stairs, one of her favorite spots.

Volta can sleep anywhere, like here in the workshop.

Volta is our most loyal and irresistible colleague, and we are simply in love. When Volta is not around, we miss her. She never fails to warm our hearts and give us that certain extra sort of love that’s always with us - even when she’s away for the day. 

So don’t be surprised when you come to our store and Volta is the first to greet you with a royal welcome that’s sure to pull on your heart strings and put a smile on your face. 

PS - Our Volta has her own instagram!’s true. You can follow her adventures and get your tails wagging @dogvolta. Volta - making the difference that matters - anytime and anywhere!